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I'm Waist It

I'm Waist It


Fat Burn Oil works by reducing fat cells and releasing their lipids into your bloodstream which exit your body safely and naturally via your urine & sweat. You can feel the heat after as little as 15 minutes. Wear for 8 hours for the best results. Make sure to wipe off with a cold towel.

The result is significantly faster weight loss, inches off and a slimmer body shape. 

Pair it with our detox wrap or reusable wrap for even better results. 


    Made with grapeseed, grapefruit, olive, ginger oils and a ton of rare herbs, enjoy beautiful results without harsh chemicals.

  • How To Use:

    Pour a few drops of the oil on your hands and gently massage the body part you want to target (stomach, thighs, belly arms, hips, and legs) with round motions. For real good results, massage the oil on damp skin after using a damp towel or taking a bath. This is because damp skin helps lock in the moisture and ensures effective penetration. Make sure to massage for 10 minutes and let the oil get absorbed. Use once a day, preferably at night.

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